Easily Crop Your Images Online

With our online image cropper you can quickly crop several photos as well as change their size and quality. It works fast and requires no editing skills.

Crop Image Online
crop image online

Crop An Image In 3 Steps

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Upload Photos
Open our online image cropper and drag the necessary files into the window or upload photos from a PC, Google Photos, Google Disk, or DropBox (you’ll need to provide access to your cloud storage for our website). Please note that our app supports images in 4 formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.
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Choose Your Perfect Framing
Here you have three options. First - you can choose the shape - square or circle. Then adjust the borders as you see fit. Second - you can use one of cropping templates with various locked aspect ratios. Third – you can type the necessary values for how you want your image to be cropped into the menu box. In our app you may crop a batch of photos using one and the same template or choose different templates for each photo separately.
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Export Your Cropped Images
Go to the "Preview" section to check what your cropped images will look like. If everything is perfect, click the „Crop Images” button. Before downloading you need to choose the file format and then select the export folder. You can download your cropped photos to your device, Google Photo or DropBox. Please remember, your original images won’t be modified - you will get processed copies.

Cropping Options

With the help of our online image cropper, you will effortlessly remove everything unnecessary from the frame and improve your images. It can be done in just a few clicks!

Choose the shape and adjust the cropping area manually

Start with choosing the shape of your cropping area: circle or rectangular. Once you do that, the purple borders will appear – everything outside them will be cropped out. In our image cropper, you can resize and move the cropping area to a different place using your cursor. Its aspect ratio is also adjustable.

You can also enter the necessary values into the menu “Custom crop presets”. Dimensions in pixels should be written like this – “1800:900”. You can also set the aspect ratio like this – “3:5”.

There are absolutely no limits! Crop your images however you want.

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Choose a template with a fixed aspect ratio

The online image cropper includes a set of templates with various locked aspect ratios. They will surely make your job much easier. All you have to do is pick the option that suits your needs.

Our Image Crop Tool offers the following ratios:

Square 1x1
Landscape 3x2
Slide 4x3
Widescreen 16x9
Portrait 2x3
Banner 3x1
Wide 2x1
Tall 1x2

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make any alterations. If you choose one of the fixed aspect ratios, the app will still allow you to change the size and position of the cropping area.

Please, keep in mind that the ratio of height to width will be locked. It means, that as soon as you make the image wider, its height will increase automatically, as well.

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Use cropping templates to prepare photos for posting on social networks

You can choose one of our social media templates. Then your cropped images will have the necessary dimensions that your social media platform requires.

Our Crop Image Tool has templates for the most popular social networks:

Instagram: stories and different types of posts;
Facebook: posts, page, event, and profile covers;
YouTube: channel art and thumbnail;
LinkedIn: profile photo and blog post;
Twitter: header and post.

These templates will allow you to speed up your workflow as well as ensure that your photos look great.

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Benefits of Our Crop Image Tool

Our app is a great alternative to complex programs. You can crop your images in a different way in just a couple of minutes. It is simple, fast and free.
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100% security assurance
Since our app works right in your browser, your files will never actually leave your computer. They will never get uploaded to or stored on our servers, either. Your files and privacy are safe with us.
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High-speed operation
You can crop an image in a few minutes – uploading is super quick, the editing process doesn’t take much time, and your cropped copies will be downloaded almost instantly. We guarantee fast uploads and downloads even with a poor internet connection.
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Simple and intuitive interface
You don't need to have the skills of a graphic designer to work with our app. Everything is quite simple and easy – just upload your images into the app, edit the cropping area on each photo, then click the “Crop images” button to start the cropping process.
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Free access and no ads
Every visitor of our website can use the image cropper as it is free for everyone. You won’t be distracted by any annoying pop-ups or intrusive banners. There’s no need for you to create an account, enter your email address or phone number. You don’t need to install anything. Just upload photos and start cropping right away.
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Previously used settings
In our Crop Image Tool you will find a list of custom crop settings that you’ve used before. This can be extremely helpful for those who tend to crop images in the same way. The settings are saved automatically after you export at least one photo with them. If you had a batch of several images and each had a different cropping area, all of the settings will be saved to the “Custom crop presets” section.
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Different image formats
Our app supports all the popular formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc. When exporting, you can choose a different format for your cropped copies; even if your original photos were JPGs. Your images can easily be converted.
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Horizon leveling
Our Crop Image Tool allows you to straighten the horizon by rotating an image. Drag the purple slider next to the drop-down menu left or right to change the angle. Your image can be rotated only within the range from -7 to 7 degrees. This should be enough to get the desired result without losing good image quality.
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More than just a cropper
In our image cropper you can also add a watermark. This can be done in the Export settings. Click on the “Crop Images” button, select “Watermark images” and create a new watermark from scratch or choose one of the previously used templates. As your watermark, you can add some text or upload a logo from your device.

Top 7 Tips for Framing Photos from Professionals

You don't have to think about how to crop an image correctly if your goal is just to get a picture of the right size.

However, if you want to improve the image and achieve maximum effect, you should follow these recommendations from professionals.

Remove unnecessary items

Things that don't affect the mood of the photo or add something crucial to the narrative can distract from the story you want to tell through your image. When cropping an image, it’s important to get rid of as many redundant details that have the potential of stealing the audience’ attention as possible.

Be careful with the eyes

If you are working with a portrait, make sure that the eyes of your subject are slightly lower than the upper third of the picture. This way, the image will look well-balanced and aesthetically-pleasing.

Choose the right position

Don’t place the subject in the center of the frame all the time. In some cases, it may look too boring. Check out the rule of thirds before you get to cropping your images.

Don’t crop the image too close to the face

If your subject is looking to the left or to the right, leave some space between their face and the edge of the frame. Otherwise, the entire portrait will end up looking awkward and claustrophobia-inducing.

Avoid cropping right at your subject’s elbows/knees/fingers/ears. Otherwise, it may look like your subject is missing a limb.

Make sure the horizon line stays in the frame

If you have a landscape photo, you may crop your image in a way that all the attention will be on the sky or, instead, on the ground. But never crop it so much that there’s no horizon line anymore.


It’s important to keep the rules of composition in mind and use them as guidelines. However, rules are meant to be broken and by trying out different ways of cropping images, you might come up with a new composition that will strike your audience right in the heart.


How do I crop an image with your simple tool?

You need to go to the editor window by clicking "Crop Image Online", then add photos for processing. The next step is to choose a shape - it can be a circle or a square. In the settings, you can also select a crop for specific sizes. Once the cropping is done, save the result.

Can your image cropper create round shots?

Yes, with the help of our editor, you can easily crop an image in the form of a circle. These photos are great for social media.

Does image quality suffer during crop images?

The more you crop the image, the more pixels the image loses. This negatively affects the quality of the picture. However, our editor keeps the quality high, so if your source is high-resolution, there will be no critical visual changes when cropping.

How to crop multiple images at once?

There is nothing easier. Simply upload all your images to the application. You can crop multiple photos to the same format or set different cropping parameters for each photo individually.

How to crop images on Mac?

Our app works in the browser, allowing you to easily crop photos on any operating system, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.